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How to Combine Spices and Products

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Cloves are used in the preparation of desserts, soup and sauces. A good combination is obtained by adding them to dough and marinades.

Ginger should be placed in sweets, very well enhances the flavor of soups like bean soup and potatoes. Fits great on all rice and vegetable dishes.

Cinnamon is used in the preparation of fruit dishes - pies, cakes and desserts. The fragrance improves mood and refreshing effect. Best combined with apples. Excellent additive to salads of carrots, cabbage, corn and cucumbers.

Coriander is suitable for people who should not eat spicy food because it does not heat and cooling effects. Ground or in jernels, it's a useful and pleasant addition to salads and soups. It is also used in sweet dishes, but also a good drug for neuropsychiatric disorders.


Cumin is added to dairy products and vegetable dishes. It’s very nicely combined with coriander. Antimicrobial functions make it suitable for preserving products. Suitable for tea, soothes the stomach when eating.

Turmeric is added to hot dishes and sauces. It is also used to color and flavor rice dishes. It gives fresh and slightly spicy flavor to vegetables and soups. Very good antibiotic. When using, note that turmeric stains do not wash out.

Nutmeg is appropriate to prepare puddings, cakes, dishes with baked apples and sweets. Fits perfectly with pumpkin, turnips, potatoes and milk. Improves the taste of the tomato sauce. Its use in large quantities is dangerous and can lead to heart disease.

Dill is suitable for a variety of dishes. Its flavor improves vegetable soups, salads, garnishes. Use in cakes and sweets. Great for tea. Very useful in flatulence, so it is a good combination with products such as beans and cabbage, which tend to form gases.

Chilies can be used, when preparing vegetable dishes - rice, potato puree and bean dishes. It is recommended that its use is in combination with coriander, turmeric and cardamom as chili adds piquancy and a nice smell. In its use, you must be careful not to get it in your eyes or mucous membrane, because of the risk of burns.