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Fruits that nourish the skin

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Your daily diet is an important factor that can affect our skin. If we eat healthy foods, our skin can become shiny and beautiful. However, if we always eat the wrong way, your skin will get worse and worse. It is therefore necessary for us to seek a proper diet in everyday life. Fruits and vegetables are important components of our daily diet. Broadly speaking, three types of cheap fruits and three types of vegetables can nourish your skin effectively.

Apples can relieve facial freckles and chloasma. They contain plenty of protein, fat, crude fiber and minerals. The large amount of water contained in apples can keep the skin moist. Vitamin C can reduce melanin pigmentation in the skin. Moreover, the rich tartaric acid contained in apples can smooth pores and relieve inflammation.

Oranges can enhance the elasticity of the skin and help resist aging. Because it is rich in vitamin C and calcium, the orange plays an important role in beautifying the skin. Generally speaking, it can whiten skin, relieves fatigue and delays aging. Organic acids contained in Oranges can improve skin elasticity and remove fine wrinkles.

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Delicious strawberries can whiten skin and make it moist. They contain plenty of sugar, tartaric acid, vitamins and minerals. They play an important role in removing fat and skin cleansing. Today, many of the ingredients of strawberries are added to products for skin care and nourishing masks for your face. Their wealth of vitamin A and potassium can improve your hair as a bonus.

Vitamin C: involved in the production of collagen and protects cells from free radicals. Scientific studies have found that with consumption of vitamin C-rich foods, your skin is able to fight oxidative damage. It has been shown that the proper amount of vitamin C in your diet can help to smooth wrinkles. Good sources are the most succulent fruits.

Vitamin E: This vitamin helps protect cell membranes and protects against UV rays. Some studies suggest that vitamin E may work in combination with vitamin C to provide an extra boost of anti-aging and skin protection. It is advisable to eat avocados, which is one of the best sources of vitamin E.