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The Fruit That Helps Fight Viruses

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Nadia Galinova
The Fruit That Helps Fight Viruses

In the fight against the plague of the century - the global coronavirus pandemic, humanity is using all its knowledge, powers, as well as known natural methods and plants to strengthen human health and support survival in the conditions created by the insidious disease.

The interest of scientists is also directed to the gifts of nature - not only herbs, but also plant foods, which may unexpectedly turn out to be the panacea against the virus. A new American study has come to the conclusion that the aromatic and tasty tropical fruit pineapple could be our ally in the fight against covid-19.

The research, which is the result of the joint work of specialists from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and their colleagues from the Center for Food and Drug Administration, has found that the reason for these encouraging results is a special enzyme in the fruit.

It is an enzyme already known to science, it is bromelain, which is found both in the pineapple fruit itself and in the stems of the plant. It has the qualities of an antiviral agent that successfully fights not only against the coronavirus, but also against potential outbreaks of the coronavirus in the future.

Pineapple Against Viruses

The results of the tests have shown that the bromelain enzyme has the ability to suppress the activity of the virus, simultaneously affecting three components, due to which this pathogen manages to penetrate the body and begin its reproduction, leading to the development of the covid-19 disease.

This study is actually the final stage of research on the properties of pineapple that began before the pandemic. Even then, it was established that the enzyme bromelain could be used as a therapeutic agent in people suffering from inflammatory processes and the pain that occurs as a result of inflammation.

The studies are encouraging because bromelain has shown that it can be absorbed very well by the human body and has a long biological activity, which means that it will work for a long time against viruses.

Researchers believe that these qualities of bromelain can make it an effective drug against the coronavirus infection and viruses in general, which is known for its long and permanent residence in the human body, which requires a drug with the same long-lasting effect.