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Removing the smell of fish from the refrigerator

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No matter how tender a fish is, it rots easily as the meat it too watery. Odors in the refrigerator or room can be removed with some tricks.

The bad smell of fish can be absorbed into other products in your refrigerator and spoil their flavor and taste.

The best way is to wash your refrigerator with water and vinegar. Another option is to clean with baking soda and

lemon essence.

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In order not to get there, practical advice for housewives is to put two pre- cut lemons on the shelves of the fridge. Surprisingly good effect is provided by rye bread placed on the refrigerator shelves. Good odor absorbing properties are offered by baking soda. You can pour a few tablespoons of it in a dish and put it in the fridge. A similar effect comes from ground coffee.

In the fridge, you can make one unconventional "additive". It is a pine branch. It has the amazing ability to absorb odors and freshens the whole refrigerator and premises in which placed.

If you have a problem with the strong aroma of cooking your fish, you can try these tricks. After cleaning and washing the meat, put it in a bath of vinegar and a few leaves of crushed bay leaf (2-3). If not available, you can substitute the spices with pepper grains or thyme. This fish spends several hours in there, before proceeding to the heat treatment.

Strong smells are well absorbed by onions and lemon. To do this, put the fish on a platter of sliced onions and lemons rings, on it place more onions and lemons. If you will subsequently be frying the fish, it is good to put a slice of potato in the oil, which also has the ability to take the smell away. When boiling water, it is also recommended to add herbs and a glass of milk.

It would be nice to rub your hands with lemon slices once the fish is cooked. Natural oils and citrus juice will remove the odor. Another option is to rub them with vinegar and then thoroughly washing them with warm water and soap.