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The Ideal Freezer and the Refrigerator Temperature

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Products in the refrigerator

Storing food products is a whole science - what can be kept cool, what should be in the dark, how to leave it, on which shelf in the refrigerator, etc. But in order to have good food products for a long time, we need to consider these things - how long we can store different types of meat, where fruit should be and why certain vegetables should not be refrigerated.

In order to be able to fulfill all the orders of what where and how long it should stay, we must be familiar with the refrigerator and rather with what temperature it should be on, where it is best to put it, what can and what is not desirable to have around it, etc. All these questions are interesting and important for the freezer as well - after all, we store products there, especially meat, for which we need assurance, that it will not spoil.

1. First and very important - do not put the refrigerator and freezer near a heating device, next to the stove. The heat they give off can ruin your cooling appliance.

2. When buying a fridge, pay attention to what it says - although they are significantly more expensive, refrigerators with energy efficiency A are a much better investment than those with efficiency B. Currently you save money on the purchase, but then it will be repeatedly taken from your electricity consumption.

Product storage

3. The best temperature for the refrigerator + 5°C and for the freezer -18°C. These temperatures are ideal for product storage and do not use an excessive amount of electricity. Every degree above these means you are using more electricity.

4. Open the freezer and refrigerator only when you need something.

5. Defrost when you see a thick layer of ice forming in the freezer - this not only slows down the appliance, but also uses more energy.

6. In the refrigerator, the highest temperature is on the upper shelves and the lowest on the lower ones (not in the fruit basket, but above it).

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