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Where is the Best Place to Store Chocolate?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Storing chocolate

Chocolate is the sweetest temptation, and chocolate recipes are loved by people of all ages. Aromatic and tasty - they are a joy for all the senses. We use chocolate to make various pastries or to decorate our favorite cakes. It is always useful to have chocolate on hand at home, but where to hide it from the hungry ones at home?

We all know that high temperatures melt chocolate, so for many it might seem logical to keep chocolate bars in their fridge. But is this correct and where is it actually best to store chocolate?

Although the cocoa beans in chocolate often come from warm tropical countries, heat is not a chocolate bar's best friend. But the cold is not very good for them either. Then where should we store the chocolate?

In fact, it is best to store chocolate at room temperature between fifteen and twenty degrees. Preferably choose a dry and dark place. In this way, the chocolate is least exposed to temperature fluctuations.

Do you often keep your chocolate in the fridge? You better not do that anymore. The thing is that the water and sugar in the chocolate react to the low temperatures and as a result a whitish layer is formed on the product. Also, storing chocolate in the refrigerator can absorb the smell of other foods around it.

How to store chocolate

If you store chocolate bars outside the refrigerator in places with frequent temperature changes, this can cause changes in the appearance of the chocolate, as it will warm and harden periodically. Therefore, look for suitable places with a constant temperature, even if it is a little over twenty degrees.

However, if the temperature is very high, the only way to prevent the chocolate from softening is to refrigerate it. Make sure the item is tightly wrapped in aluminum foil and then place it in a food container, then close it with a lid.

This way you can store it in the fridge without the danger of the chocolate turning white. When taking the chocolate out, however, wait for it to cool to room temperature so it's not too cold and hard.