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Why is Regular Consumption of Salmon Beneficial?

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Salmon benefits

Salmon is one of the most popular fish in the culinary world, because it has a tender, sweet flesh. This fish is specially bred, so there is a large number of salmon on the market of the most varied quality and taste. The best, of course, is wild salmon.

When it comes to taste, wild salmon from the Far East has few competitors. The taste and texture of wild fish fillets are much different than farmed ones. The rich color of the fillet is the result of a natural diet: feeding on plankton, algae, krill.

The delicious red fish, which, if it were not for the prices at the moment, would definitely take a worthy place in our diet. So what makes its tender, flavorful fish even more appealing to the bodybuilder, besides its taste?

Salmon meat has a beneficial effect on the body, as it contains a huge amount of trace elements (phosphorus, iron, chlorine, magnesium, calcium, selenium, folic acid, etc.) and vitamins (omega-3, pyridoxine, vitamins A, D, PP, B12).

Salmon helps to strengthen the immunity, improve memory, normalize blood pressure, improve the condition of the liver and normalize the digestive system. As the results of studies show, if you regularly eat salmon, you can prevent the occurrence of thrombophlebitis and cancer.

Vitamin B6 is beneficial for people with infertility problems. Vitamin B12 helps improve the condition of the blood, vitamin D helps strengthen bones and muscles, and vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant.

Many years of research have established that the benefits of salmon are, that only in this fish, a very useful substance for the human body is present in such a high concentration - melatonin, which is necessary for the healthy process of cell rejuvenation and helps to maintain good sleep.

Salmon consumption

Of course, the most useful is salmon, that was raised in natural conditions and not in special breeding farms, where the fish are fed with questionable things.

You can cook the meat in different ways - boil, bake it in the oven, grill it over charcoal, smoke it. At the same time, salmon does well without additional spices, most often only lemon is added to it.

Boiled or roasted salmon retains most of the flavor and beneficial properties of the fish. And the best side dishes for these dishes are potatoes, pasta or vegetables. Salmon meat is well complemented by sweet and sour and fruit sauces.

This fish can even be eaten raw, as it is one of the main ingredients in sushi. In stores today you can find a huge selection of salmon - raw or smoked.

Have a look at some ideas for cooking salmon:

- salmon pasta;

- grilled salmon;

- fish soup with salmon.