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Is Raw Fish Safe for Consumption?

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Sushi has turned from an exotic to a widely popular food. In addition to specialized restaurants, it is increasingly prepared by people who want to surprise their families.

Sushi contains raw or marinated fish. Many have questioned whether it is safe for consumption in this form. Although by presumption, as soon as it is offered in restaurants, it should have been checked, people always have a dose of doubt.

In order to find out whether sushi is safe, we need to be aware of whether raw fish consumption inherently poses any risks.

Whether raw or marinated, raw fish carries the risk of bacterial contamination. This can cause the development of infections in the human body. So far, there is no evidence that marinating the fish is enough to destroy the live bacteria in it.

According to experts, when you decide to try a particular raw fish, it is best to trust a trusted fishmonger.

As a rule, a basic procedure in the industry is to freeze the fish at extremely low temperatures immediately after it is caught, which immediately kills all bacteria. In this way, the parasites are neutralized, and the meat becomes suitable for distribution and consumption.

The best way to kill the bacteria in the fish turns out to be by freezing it. Chilling in the refrigerator does not give the desired results, since most bacteria survive in the cold. So if you have any concerns, it's best to freeze it before cooking or eating it raw.

Marinated fish

When you're going to eat fish in a restaurant, you can only hope for the conscientious attitude of the owners, chefs and staff, as well as the producers.

There is no nutritional difference between raw and cooked fish. Heat treated is simply considered safer.

When you buy raw fish, the first thing you should do is wrap it in aluminum foil and immediately put it in the freezer. The temperature should not exceed -20°C.

Raw food is not recommended for pregnant women, children and people with weak immunity.

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