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How to Make Cottage Cheese at Home

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Diary Products and Cottage Cheese

Salted or sweetened cottage cheese is present in many recipes. Only those who have not tried it do not know, that it can be prepared very easily and quickly at home. There is nothing tastier than homemade cottage cheese. Here are some suggestions on how to make your own cottage cheese.

First method

As we all know, cottage cheese is made from milk or from its leftovers. For the first recipe, you need two liters milk, one teaspoon of citric acid or 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. Boil the milk in a suitable saucepan and after it has boiled, add the citric acid or lemon juice, so that it can lump up. Leave it to boil for one or two minutes, until it has completely lumped up and remove it from the heat. Once it cools down, strain it and your cottage cheese is ready. It's not hard, is it?

Second method

Boil one liter (4 cups) of milk and once it has boiled, add 500 g of yogurt to it. Leave it to cool again, then strain it and if desired, sweeten or salt the resulting cottage cheese.

Third method

Cottage Cheese salad

If you are one of those people who make their own cheese, you probably know that after curdling the milk, whey is released from it. Put the separated whey in a saucepan and boil it. Once it has boiled, wait for the liquid to lump up and remove it from the heat. Very often this process raises something white that covers the while surface of the pot. Cool and strain it and it is done once again. You can now enjoy the homemade cottage cheese.

Fourth method

There is no person who has not had their milk go off. However, few of us know that although the milk has gone off, it can be used to make homemade cottage cheese. To do this, place the milk in a suitable cookware and boil it on the stove, shortly after it boils it will lump up and small pieces will start to float in it. Well, as you can guess, the result is again homemade, delicious cottage cheese.

Regardless of which of the methods you choose to make your cottage cheese, you can consume it right away or put it in the freezer or fridge and store it for a longer time.

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