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How to Make Real Espresso at Home

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Espresso at home

Many people around the world go for a cup of coffee as the first drink of the day. This is not only because of its miraculous effects on sleep, but because they can not resist its pleasant taste and incredible aroma.

On November 23, the United States celebrates the day of espresso, so let's talk about how you can make real espresso at home.

One of the most common forms, in which we drink our favorite caffeine treat is espresso. Making a cup of espresso is a process that requires diligence and attention to detail.

This type of coffee drink has a thick consistency, thick foam and a rich taste and aroma. For the preparation of real espresso, it is necessary to follow certain rules, even if it is prepared by a coffee machine or coffee maker.

The perfect espresso is made by finely grinding coffee beans. The most common type of coffee, which is suitable for espresso is the Robusta variety, to which we owe the wonderful cream that forms in the cup.

Making espresso

However, according to many experts, espresso made from a mixture of 100% Arabica grains is considered to be of better quality because it tastes finer and more fragrant.

In most cases, between 7 and 8 g of ground coffee are needed to make quality espresso coffee. Once you put the right amount in your coffee machine, it should not take more than 25 to 30 seconds to prepare.

However, if it is made faster than this time, it will be sour, light brown and bland in taste. The rich dark brown cream, called cream or foam on the surface of the cup, is the best indicator of properly brewed quality espresso.

In order to be able to make good coffee, invest in a good machine and avoid those with capsules, as the coffee has long been ground in them and bet on either a manual espresso machine or a machine that grinds coffee beans at the moment. Apart from making quality espresso, there are also secrets related to its consumption.

Italian traditions dictate that coffee should be drunk in 3 to 4 quick sips, after taking a deep breath of the aroma of the drink.

True connoisseurs believe that really good espresso should be drunk without additives, because only this way can its qualities be felt.