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Sample Menu for Food Combining

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Combining foods

Food combining is a way of eating in which different products are consumed at certain intervals and are not mixed. The principle of food combining is based on the compatibility of products and the benefits and harms of this compatibility for health.

It is believed that proteins and carbohydrates cannot be consumed at the same time, as different conditions are required for their absorption - an acidic environment for proteins and a base for carbohydrates.

Products rich in protein are meat, fish, offal, eggs, legumes, nuts. Products rich in carbohydrates are bread, pastries, flour, grainy foods and pasta, potatoes and sugar.

A special group includes neutral products - animal fats, fatty cheeses, dried fruit, fresh vegetables and fruit. They can be combined with both protein and carbohydrates.

Chicken drumsticks

Usually breakfast should consist of fruit or a fruit salad, yellow cheese or white cheese, or a sandwich of wholemeal bread with butter and yellow cheese.

Lunch should consist of protein. Meat and fish are not combined with potatoes and pasta, but only with a large portion of salad. From the soups only vegetable soup can be consumed. The desserts is unsweetened fruit.

Dinner should emphasize carbohydrates, as they are quickly absorbed by the body. These are macaroni and cheese, sweet fruit, potato casserole.

With a food combining diet you will lose weight fast. Here is a sample menu for food combining meals, by keeping in mind, that you should eat every four to five hours.


Breakfast - an apple or two kiwis, oatmeal with skimmed milk, tea or coffee without sugar. Lunch - boiled chicken breast, broccoli, two pieces of cheese. Afternoon snack - one pear. Dinner - vegetable soup, fat-free egg omelette.


Breakfast - an orange, muesli with skimmed milk, tea or coffee without sugar. Lunch - a piece of boiled fish, stewed vegetables, fresh salad. Dinner - vegetable soup, green salad.


Breakfast - orange juice, a piece of boiled turkey with a whole grain slice of bread, tea or coffee without sugar. Lunch - boiled beef, vegetable salad, stewed vegetables. Dinner - breaded cauliflower with yellow cheese.


Breakfast - two tangerines, muesli with skimmed milk and tea or coffee without sugar. Lunch - boiled seafood, green salad, stewed eggplant, two pieces of cheese.

Dinner - fried eggs with tomatoes or tomato juice, stewed vegetables, dried fruit.


Breakfast - two kiwis, muesli with skimmed milk, sugar-free tea. Lunch - boiled chicken breast, green salad, boiled broccoli and cauliflower. Dinner - vegetable soup, roasted tomatoes with cheese, fruit.


Breakfast - a slice of wholemeal bread and some yellow cheese, tea or coffee without sugar. Lunch - boiled or steamed fish, green salad, two pieces of cheese. Dinner - omelette with mushrooms, stewed vegetables, green salad.


Only fruit are consumed - about two kilograms.