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Cleverly Combining Foods

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Proper food combining really means to eat in a healthy way. Thus allowing the digestive system to work properly and with optimum efficiency.

The principle of the scheme is based on the fact that the food contains certain nutrients. Some are passive (inert) in the presence of other nutrients, and react with each other and cause interference in the digestive process.


Each group of them contains essential nutrients, but in different proportions, as what is dominating sets the whole digestive process. Indiscriminate intake leads to conflict between them, leading to a number of problems.

Smart food combining is not difficult at all. You just have to not mix carbohydrates (starches and sugars) with proteins and acidic fruits at the same meal.

Ground rules for combining foods:

- Up to 12 noon, do not eat anything but fruit. They are natural and best.


- Fresh salad should be prepared with seasonal fruits and vegetables and should be on the menu regularly. At every meal, it should constitute 70% of the menu, and concentrated products like bread, rice, potatoes, legumes, nuts, barely 30%.

- Acidic milk is eaten alone or in combination with fresh vegetable salad. No bread, rice, potatoes, nuts and fruits.

- cooked milk and boiled, grilled and fried meat is not used. They are toxic. Can accept a limited amount of raw milk, which is not pasteurized, it is best to be goat, and meat - undercooked. It is never eaten with bread, potatoes, rice, cheese and milk. Combines well with fresh vegetable salad.


- Chocolate, ice cream, cakes and more. (If it can not be avoided) are taken separately, without mixing. After such a reception, the next day there is a detoxifying fruit day.

- Protein and carbohydrate foods do not mix in one sitting. Proteins require digestive acid juice, and carbohydrates - basic. They are absolutely incompatible.

- Carbohydrate foods are combined with each other.

- Protein foods can not be combined with each other.

meat and vegetables

- Fruit and vegetables do not mix.

- After the consumption of fruit, you have to go half an hour without eating anything else. After eating bananas - 45 minutes.

- When you eat a meal after 3:00, fruits can be considered.

- Unpolished rice is consumed, best is "brown" and only with fresh salad.

- Cheese is eaten with fresh salad without bread, potatoes or rice.

- Nuts are combined with fresh salad, without bread, rice, potatoes, cheese.

- Legumes like beans, lentils, peas, soybeans go in pork salad without bread, rice, potatoes, cheese, nuts.

The body is adapted to grind more than one type of food with a high concentration. And any food that is not a fruit or vegetable is concentrated.



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