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Basic Rules for Cooking Food

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Preparing healthy food is not a difficult task. The food will be even more delicious and healthy, which the whole family will appreciate, if you follow a few rules in the kitchen.

1. Never add any additional oil or butter to food if it doesn't need it.

2. If you have the habit of steaming vegetables, know that they lose part of their nutrients in boiling water. That's why you should try not to exceed the cooking time.

3. Do not add salt to vegetables while they are cooking. If the vegetables are fresh, season them once they are served at the table.

4. Whenever possible, substitute butter with olive oil.

5. Use a food pipette whenever seasoning food with vegetable oil. Often, disaster strikes - the cap falls off the container and the oil pours out unhindered in your salad, for example.

6. If you notice excess fat/grease in processed foods - remove it with a paper towel or scrape it off with a knife.

7. Do not forget about the grill! Food cooked on the grill is much healthier than food fried in butter.

8. Use a grill grid for draining out the excess grease from the saucepan.

9. Boil fish in milk or in a broth made of wine. This low-calorie method retains all of the nutrients and taste.