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Rules for Cooking in a Water Bath

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Melting a chocolate in water bath

Boiling, as with any other method of food preparation, has its advantages and downsides. This method of heat treatment is perhaps the most ancient. Over the millennia, it has turned into one of the best methods for preparing delicious and healthy food. Boiling is also the most commonly used method in modern cuisine.

Boiling is the heat treatment of food in a liquid. The heat is evenly distributed during boiling. Normal boiling happens at 210°F (100°C). If the liquid has salt added to it, this is increased to 220°F (107°C). Once the liquid comes to a boil, decrease to 190°F (90°C). If necessary, reduce the heat to 180°F (80°C).

There are several types of boiling: in boiling water, in cold water, steaming and in a water bath.

Boiling in a water bath is one of the slowest processes. In order to successfully carry out this laborious task, you definitely need to follow a few rules. The water bath method is one of the most widely used in dietary cuisine. Using it, the products are not overheated but rather, a thin crust forms on the surface. This way they become more easily digestible and very delicious.

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Put the mixture you intend to boil in a container and it in another container, filled with preheated water. Boiling in a water bath should never begin in cold water. The temperature of the water also depends on the type of dish. It can either be boiling or at about 180°F (80°C), if making cream for example.

During the actual cooking process, part of the water might evaporate very quickly. Because of this, add in more of it, but it's a must for it to be of the same temperature.

In order for the air bubbles from the boiling to flavor and for the boiling consistency to be stable, place a cooking grid or pad (best if made from thick paper) in the container itself.

A hot water bath is the perfect way to heat the prepared cream. In order to cool, put it in a water bath with cold water. Throughout the entire process of cooking in a water bath, be sure to vigorously stir the mixture.

In a hot water bath you can make cream caramel, melt chocolate or melt butter.