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Meatball Frying Subtleties

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Пържени кюфтета
Image: Sia Ribagina

Delicious fried meatballs are based on a few important rules.

Let's start with minced meat. In order to fry really juicy and tasty meatballs, we recommend that you do not buy ready-made minced meat. It is best to go to a butcher's shop, buy a piece of meat and ask them to grind it for you, or you can grind it yourself at home, as long as you have a meat grinder.

The perfect minced meat for meatballs is a mixture of pork and beef (50:50), and make sure that there is fat in the pork - it will add juiciness to the meatballs.

Кайма за кюфтета

The besy spices for meatballs are salt, black pepper, cumin, onion and savory herb, but of course, you can add whatever spices you like.

Kneading is the third important step for delicious fried meatballs. Once you have added all the products, a long kneading awaits you. Many people think that it is enough to knead minced meat just enough for the products to mix. However, this is a very bad mistake. You need to continue kneading until you get a juicy and soft minced meat that is not mushy.

The minced meat should be refrigerated for at least 3-4 hours to absorb the spices. But we recommend that, if you have the opportunity, let the minced meat stand for 1 day with the spices, so that it can be fully flavored.

Пържене на кюфтета

When frying meatballs, do not use a lot of oil, as the meatballs themselves release fat. Wait for the fat to heat up well before placing the meatballs in it. Otherwise, they will absorb its taste.

When frying the meatballs, use a tongs or a spatula and in no case a fork, because if you pierce the meatballs with a fork, their juices will run out and dry out.

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