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Are Overripe Bananas Healthy Or Unhealthy?

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Are Overripe Bananas Healthy Or Unhealthy?

Bananas are a favorite fruit, offering us endless possibilities for consumption. For example, raw in fruit salads, drinks and purees, as well as in countless sweet temptations, desserts and sauces.

This fruit has a good nutritional value and contains many healthy substances for the body such as fiber, vitamins C, B6, carbohydrates and minerals, most of which are potassium. If we often include bananas in our diet, they will reward us with an improved blood circulation, reduced bad cholesterol and they also fight depression and indigestion. Last but not least, bananas fight cancer cells.

However, only overripe bananas have this last property.

Depending on how ripe they are, these fragrant fruits drastically change the values ​​of some of the nutrients they contain, but generally retain thier mineral and vitamin content. They also retain the same calories, whether they are greener and harder or soft and overripe bananas.

If we are aware of this, we will know in which cases it is good to eat overripe bananas and in which it's best to eat greener ones. This way we will get all the benefits and not face any harm.

Greener bananas are composed almost mainly of resistant starch, which is broken down by the body slowly and gradually, while in overripe fruit with a darkened aspect on the skin, all this starch is transformed into simple sugars to sucrose, composed of glucose and fructose.

This makes the fruit quickly digestible and increases the glycemic index. The more ripe the banana is, the higher this index and therefore they decompose faster.

Overripe bananas provide the body with an almost instantaneous surge of energy and is very healthy for after an active sport, when we need to regain our strength and recharge.

That is why we should never throw away this fruit, even if its darkened skin is not very pleasant to look at.

It is important to keep in mind that due to the high content of sugars, glucose and fructose, overripe bananas are not suitable for people with diabetes and for those who are overweight, it is recommended to eat bananas in more limited quantities.

You can see for yourself that it is not clear whether an overripe banana is healthy or unhealthy, but once you know its advantages and disadvantages, you already know when and if you can afford to include it in your menu. With bananas you can make different shakes, banana pancakes, protein smoothie, banana cake or even banana pudding.



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