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How to Properly Cut Tomatoes?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How to Properly Cut Tomatoes?

Cutting tomatoes is just like cutting potatoes, right? Do you think it doesn't really matter how you cut your tomatoes? Think again!

If you're just cutting tomatoes to cook them in a dish, the way you cut them doesn't matter all that much, as long as you end up with the size of the pieces you want.

But if you're cutting tomatoes to serve fresh, how you cut them matters.

The choice of knife, is also important! In case you don't have regular razor-sharp knives, it's best to stick with a serrated knife. Any serrated knife like a bread knife or even a steak knife is a good choice.

Here are three most common ways to cut fresh tomatoes:

- Want perfect slices for tomato salad or a burger? Slicing circles is the key here. Cut a small slice of tomato parallel to the stem and the top of the tomato to cut off this part. Continue making parallel cuts to form circle slices. How thick you want your slices to be is up to you;

- The second cutting method is just like slicing an apple or an orange. Place the tomato stem with the side up onto a cutting board and remove any green stems. Cut straight through where the stem was to the bottom of the tomato, by cutting it in half.

Halve each half through the stem of the tomato again, so that you now have four equal pieces.

Depending on the size of your tomato or how many crescents you want, cut each quarter into two or more pieces, by always making sure to start cutting through the part where the stem was.

Last but not least come our little friends - cherry tomatoes. They are usually cut in half or quarters. Whether you're halving or quartering them, always cut from the end of the stem to the bottom of the tomato, so that the pieces are even.

Easily turn sliced tomatoes into an Appetizing Tomato Salad, use them for Pizzas and Casseroles.



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