How To Can Tomatoes

Nadia Galinova
Translated by
Nadia Galinova
Canned Tomatoes

To successfully preserve tomatoes, you must use fresh tomatoes, healthy with a smooth surface and without any damage on them. Another important feature when buying or picking tomatoes for canning is that you should choose completely red and ripe tomatoes, without any green or pale red spots on them.

Once you have selected the most suitable tomatoes, you should wash them with cold water and only then start the real part of canning.

You can leave them with the skin, or you can peel them - this does not really matter when preparing them, the only difference is in the taste, but it is not very noticeable.

Cut the tomatoes into pieces or cubes and add them into a jar, add an level top tablespoon of salt and parsley.

Add the grinded or grated well-ripened tomatoes. The liquid should not reach the edge of the jar, in order to have room to expand when heated. If you do not have enough tomatoes on hand, you can add water.

We're talking about canning tomatoes in jars with a capacity of 800 g (compote jars).

Some people prefer to add celery or basil instead of parsley, while others add all three - in all its variants it becomes very tasty and very aromatic, so whatever you add you will not go wrong. After all this, seal the jars well with lids and put them to boil - boiling takes about 20 minutes and then you can leave the jars to cool.

If you really want the tomatoes to be peeled, first pour boiling water over them and then put them in cold water - that way peeling will be extremely easy and will not take you too long.

You can also add the tomatoes whole or cut in half in the jar if you do not want to cut them into cubes.

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