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How are Porcini Mushrooms Dried?

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How are Porcini Mushrooms Dried?

Porcini mushrooms are very tasty and healthy mushrooms. If you have a larger quantity of this type of mushrooms and want to preserve them for a longer time, drying porcini mushrooms comes to the rescue. In this advice, we will tell you how you can dry porcini mushrooms at home.

Dried porcini mushrooms, do not lose their beneficial properties and their aroma for a few years. The nutrients and flavor of the porcini mushrooms are not only preserved, after drying, but are also greatly improved.

Here's how you can dry porcini mushrooms

- Before drying, the mushrooms must be thoroughly cleaned from the remaining sand, leaves, pine needles, etc. on them. You should not wash the mushrooms with water, because their drying will then take a long time and the drying process will be significantly delayed. While the porcini mushrooms are drying after washing them, there is also a danger that some of the mushrooms will start to rot;

- One of the easiest ways to dry porcini mushrooms is by stringing them on a thread. That way you won't have to turn them over or touch them. After you string them on a thread, you just need to leave them in a clean and airy place to dry;

- If you want to dry the porcini mushrooms in the oven - you should put them on a tray lined with baking paper. They are initially dried at a temperature of 120°F (50°C) until they begin to bend easily, then the temperature is increased to 160°F (70°C), then decreased again to 120°F (50°C);

- Another way to dry the mushrooms is in an electric dryer. Before you arrange the porcini mushrooms in the dryer, as we said, the mushrooms must be cleaned, then the stump removed from the cap and cut into slices, then they are arranged on the racks of the dryer.

With the dried porcini mushrooms, you can prepare your mushroom casseroles or porcini mushroom pasta all winter long.



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