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What Type of Pan Should We Choose?

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What Type of Pan Should We Choose?

There are many and all types of pans and other kitchen utensils on the market. What type of pan should we choose?

Teflon pans

These pans are one of the most popular. Various dishes are cooked in them. They are made by stamping a sheet of aluminum. Then it is painted on one side and Teflon is placed on the other, then it is pressed and bent into the required shape. It is the last step that ruins the whole process, because during the stamping process the bonds in the polytetrafluoroethylene break and the coating itself becomes very fragile.

There are also Teflon-coated grill pans. When choosing pans of this type, you need to look at their depth. It is best, that the pans are not too shallow, because when the juice is released from the meat, there can be very unpleasant splashes all over the stove;

Aluminum pans

These dishes are also good without a coating. There is one subtlety to aluminum pans - the food should not remain in them after it has been prepared. It should be transferred into other containers immediately after it is prepared. The problem with aluminum, which is free of impurities, is that it oxidizes and aluminum oxide is released into the food, which is toxic. These pans are suitable for a professional kitchen - where food is prepared and then immediately served.

Stainless steel pan

This type of pan can also be used for cooking. These are stainless steel and chrome-nickel steel cookware and can also be found with Teflon coating, but it is more difficult to grip these pans.

Enameled pans

These are the favorite pans of our mothers and grandmothers. However, their life is quite short;

Cast Iron Pans

If you like to cook kapama, these pans are the best choice, but on the other hand, they are quite difficult to maintain if they are not used regularly - they rust.

If you're looking to buy a nice pan, just check out these pan ads. When you make the right pan selection, you can cook steaks, eggy bread, salmon, etc. in them without any problem.



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