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Buckwheat is sometimes called Grechko and is a product that is not typical in some cuisine. It’s homeland is considered India and it is very popular in Russia. Buckwheat is very useful and is even taken as a substitute for meat, because it is very rich in iron. That is why it is gaining in popularity.

Buckwheat grains are triangular in shape, similar to rice or wheat. In addition to iron, it is also rich in zinc, iodine, contains many vitamins, but is very low in fat - only 3%. Buckwheat does not contain gluten, which makes it an indispensable product for people who are on a gluten-free diet. The low content of carbohydrates is invaluable for diabetics.

What kind of food, however, can be used with buckwheat and how to prepare it?

It can be used in savory and sweet dishes. Most popular is it’s application is in a porridge, both sweet and salty. You can make buckwheat dumplings, cooked so you can put it in fresh salads and soups. Make and great breakfast with buckwheat granola.

buckwheat meal

Buckwheat is boiled in a ratio 1:2 /one part buckwheat to two parts water/. It boils much faster than rice. It is ready when the grains burst, swell and eventually soften. To boil, it takes about 4-5 minutes. Drain and rinse it with cold water to remove the characteristic bitter taste.

If you want to prepare it for breakfast or salad, first pour in some boiling water, cover and wrap it with a towel. Do this in the evening and in the morning open it and it is ready for consumption.

In preparing soup, it is best to add it to the very end of the cooking to avoid too much dissolving.

You can add it to rolled leaves or stew, in a fruit pie, or mixed with sweet cream.

Prepare buckwheat flour for breads and cakes. It's easy, just grind the grain in a grinder.

If you want to feel healthy, consume it at least twice a week. When you buy it, look for light brown buckwheat, because it has undergone less processing.



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