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Eating Pizza Reveals What Kind of Person you are

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With the advancement in technology and people posting every other picture on the internet, it became incredibly easy for psychologists to read people's character. Experts just open a given profile and can determine what a person is like based on what they see. There's very few people left that don't share every intimate detail of their daily lives on social media. But experts have also figured out how to read the personality of even these last members of a dying breed. All they have to do is watch them while they're eating pizza.

Yes, that's right. Eating pizza can give away what kind of person you are. You might ask yourself: How many ways could there possibly be for a person to eat pizza, to even allow for another to read their personality traits? The answer is 4. At least that's what celebrity psychologist Patti Wood claims, who is also the most frequently hired expert by the tabloids whenever the yellow press wants to find out what a celebrity's body language reveals.

According to Wood, every human action, even eating a slice of pizza, exposes the nature of the person carrying it out. Specifically, when it comes to the Italian specialty, the psychologist claims that there are 4 types of behavior that can be determined based on how a person consumes it - dominating, stimulating, presenting and matching.

Representatives of the 1st type are those people who are not picky. They're hungry and want to satiate their hunger. Characteristic of them is that they want everything, at all costs and don't hesitate to get it without paying any consideration to others. People of this type of personality don't care if their pizza is old or is lacking toppings, for example. They eat quickly and nervously.

The 2nd type of people are those who eat the crust of the pizza first, instead of the more delicious and topping covered part. These are the types of people who love drama but also love to show and develop their own influence over others at the same time. They love attention and seek it in all its forms.

Eating Pizza

The 3rd type of people are those who eat their pizza with a knife and fork, even if conditions for this aren't suitable. These individuals are truthful, loyal and resilient. Others' opinion always comes before their own. In their attempts please others, they often overlook themselves. They're happy whenever others around them feel good because of them.

The last type of people are the ones that simply eat. They're trying to satisfy their hunger but don't have to do so at all costs. They eat the way they feel comfortable and always begin eating a slice of pizza from the pointed end. These types of folks are the closest to normal out of all archetypes of behavior. They know that pizza is made just to be eaten, without any excess dramatization. And that is also the main principle leading them in life.