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Good Memory Comes with Basil

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Basil is one of those spices, without which we would be hard-pressed to imagine Mediterranean cuisine, especially Italian. Even though the spice was discovered in the lands of the Middle East and Asia, today it is linked to the preparation of the unique Italian sauce pesto and is used in pizzas and pastas, as well as all kinds of fresh salads.

But besides as a priceless spice, basil is also known for improving memory and curing impotence. Here's why here we'll show you how by using basil you can also obtain good memory:

- Even though basil provides an unbelievable taste to dishes made with it, if you want to specifically take advantage of its ability to improve memory and brain function, all you need is to breathe in its aroma. You can plant the invaluable spice in your garden or backyard and pay attention to it several times a day.

- If you're not a fan of plants or it's hard for you to pay them the proper attention and care, you can simply get basil essential oil, which is sold in nearly all pharmacies and herbal supplements stores.

- Studies have shown that basil enhances brain function several times over, therefore improving memory as well. And everyone has had instances of forgetting important dates or events that have happened recently or long ago, something which can outrage loved ones. Can you imagine forgetting your fiance's or spouse's birthday?

Pasta with Basil
Image: Vanya Velichkova

- The aroma of basil is especially effective for activating short-term memory - i.e. it works well in situations where you don't remember where you've left your car keys or your cell phone. We're not talking about one-time instances, we're talking about if you notice that you're constantly looking for your things and forget where you've put what. That's when you should put your faith in basil.

- Besides for good memory, basil is also used as a pain reliever. Another no less thrilling piece of news is that it protects us from premature aging because the antioxidants contained in it rejuvenate skin.