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Foods That Chase Away Appetite

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The battle with appetite is ruthless at times and the more food we eat, the hungrier we feel. Every 1 in 2 people struggle with their weight but there is hope.

There exist foods and spices that aid in the battle against excess pounds. They create a longer feeling of satiety and along with this are low in calories.

An example of losing weight the easy way is adding a little spiciness to the dish. This will enhance its aroma and help curb your appetite. Go with chili peppers, the capsaicin contained therein will significantly decrease feelings of hunger.


Garlic is also a fine choice. It contains allicin, which suppresses hunger and from there the amount of food eaten is also decreased. Further, it is rich in vitamin B1, B6, C and selenium.

Among the spices capable of regulating appetite comes cinnamon too. It helps lower the production of insulin, leading to a reduction in the formation of fat. It is a suitable spice for people with increased body weight, as well as for those at risk of developing diabetes.

A glass of water also affects appetite, drinking at least 2 glasses before meals unleashes their effect. Also try drinking green tea. 3-6 cups of it daily speed up daily energy usage by up to 40%. It also contains antioxidants that affect leptin (a hormone that suppresses appetite) in the body, reducing appetite.

A breakfast of eggs with a slice of lemon will provide the body the necessary proteins, helping bring about a feeling of being full for a longer period of time. Lemons slow the absorption of sugars, while the vitamin C helps build carnitine, stimulating the body to burn fats.

The fruits rich in fibers regulate metabolism and provide a full stomach sensation. Eating just 1 apple prior to a meal will lead to eating a lot less food than normal.

Put your faith in seaweed as well. When they end up in the stomach they are processed as solid food and make it harder for a person to become hungry.