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Our Body Recuperates When We Fast

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Fasting is an important element of Christian beliefs and not without reason. It is a potent catalyst for health, improving and restoring the function of all bodily organs and systems.

The Christmas Fast is one of the longest throughout the year. It is a kind of continuation of the system of fasts we see year-round - Lent, St. Peter's Fast and the Fast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. In modern-day fasting, the consumption of meat, meat products, alcohol, eggs, milk and other dairy products is stopped. In times past, only water was allowed.

Besides cleansing the soul, fasting helps in cleansing the body. When the weather turns cold every year, the toxins found in our blood begin to seep into our tissues.

If nothing is done to stop this process, they begin to gradually accumulate in the tissues. This way they hinder the normal functioning of cells and in turn, that of the entire body.

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This is the cause of all colds and flus throughout the season. The body gets rid of the accumulated mucus in the form of phlegm during a cough, cold or by using high body temperature.

Here's where the Christmas Fast comes to the rescue. Through it, the body disposes of the toxins and waste products in time. And this guarantees good health during the fall-winter season.

Applying such a cleansing regime is the surest prophylactic against colds and flus. In addition, if also completely abstaining from food for 7 days and drinking just water, the cleansing effect will be at its height in the 2nd or 4th moon phase.

Healing through hunger for 3 to 7 days needs to be done in a warm area. It's recommended to take warm baths and to rub sesame oil or olive oil into the skin.

Do not starve yourself if you are worn out for any reason or are elderly. Fasting in that case leads to a drastic drop in body temperature and significant loss of body weight which cannot be restored by eating again.