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Record! Swiss Man Grows a One-Ton Pumpkin

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A Swiss farmer managed to break a world record after harvesting a 2102 lb (953.5 kg) pumpkin from his garden this year. The enormous pumpkin was displayed at a farmers' fair.

The record-breaking pumpkin was on display in the town of Ion, in the canton of St. Gallen.

Beni Meier is the farmer who grew the gigantic pumpkin. The Swiss man is a renowned expert when it comes to growing large pumpkins, which apply for Guinness world records.

It was Beni Meier who presented another enormous pumpkin at the German fair in Brandenburg federal-state. The pumpkin weighed 2097 lb (951 kg) but it was beaten by Meier's latest product.

According to the farmer, the secret to a huge pumpkin lies in the watering and day-to-day care. He believes that the seeds from the giant pumpkin will be highly collectible after some time and he intends to save them and auction them off.


So far, the Swiss farmer holds the record for growing the largest pumpkin in the world, beating the previous record holder, an American with his 2009 lb (911 kg) pumpkin.

Meier intends to compete for the title of the farmer who grows the largest pumpkins in Europe. He will show up with his creation at the annual fair in Ludwigsburg.

Currently, the farmer holding the title of largest pumpkin grower is the French man Mehdi Tao, whose last record was set in 2009 with a pumpkin weighing 83.5 lb (38 kg) less than that of Meier's.

This past week, there was no shortage of pumpkin records around the world. Just a few days ago, a farmer from the state of Oregon won $10 650 in a giant pumpkin contest, with his prize-winner weighing in at 1775 lb (805 kg).

45-year-old Tad Starr from Pleasant Hill, Oregon, stated that he will be using the money to take his family to Disneyland to celebrate his victory.

2nd place in a competition held in the city of Half Moon Bay was a pumpkin weighing 1521.5 lb (690 kg), which in that case turned out not to be enough to win.



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