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Products That Wreck Our Smile and Teeth

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Harmful foods

Certain products degrade the enamel of our teeth and have a negative effect on the whole mouth. Examples of these are the sports drinks that have been popular in the past decade.

According to data from an American study, the pH levels in many of them lead to enamel deterioration due to the high concentration of acid and the high amounts of sugar lead to the development of bacteria.

Bottled water differs from tap water in the presence of fluoride, which strengthens tooth enamel and aids in the remineralization of teeth attacked by tooth decay, but only in moderate amounts. The amount of fluoride that's contained in bottled water is much higher than the recommended dose.

Soda drinks

Regular consumption of wine also harms the enamel. The acidity of wine degenerates the structure of teeth and leads to the staining of the enamel. To avoid harmful effects, it is recommended to drink white wine in small sips, alternating with water.

Weight loss pills - While aiding in quick weight loss they also lead to gingivitis just as quickly, as well as the deterioration of teeth.

As well as other medicine, pills decrease salivation, thus endangering the health of the oral cavity, since saliva neutralizes harmful acids and removes bacteria.


Coffee and tea - Our habit of never going without a warm cup of coffee or tea can lead to serious staining of our teeth.

It turns out that coffee and tea contain coloring tannins, which accumulate on the tooth enamel and thus attract bacteria. It is recommended to add milk, in order to neutralize the harmful acids.

Citruses - Even if lemons, grapefruits and citrus juices do not cause tooth decay firsthand, they contain acids, just like soda drinks, which cause tooth enamel erosion, weaken the teeth and make them more susceptible to damage.

It is advised to drink juices through a straw to limit acidification and to rinse the mouth with water.