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Spices that make Potatoes Irresistible

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Potatoes are much loved and are often present on our tables. We can cook potatoes in diverse ways, add them to soup, spicy dishes and salads.

They are delicious and very easy to combine with other vegetables as well as meats and last but not least- fish.

Meat combined with vegetables can be oily or dry - in either case, you will get a good meal. The fish does not need comments - almost every time toppings for baked or fried fish are potato salad or fried ones.

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So far so good, but you know what are the spices that many potatoes fit and complement their taste? As we consider the various dishes that contain potatoes, we can put different products in, so let's see which are the best aromas that we must add to the potatoes, whatever we have prepared with them.

At first, it is dill - do not overdo the quantity but do not forget it, especially in dishes like peas with potatoes or sautéed potatoes.

Potato Stew

One of the interesting but less frequently used spice for potato dishes is samardala. You can add it generously to roasted, steamed, sautéed, and any other potatoes.

When it comes to dill, we can not forget to give proper attention to parsley - add it at the end of potato stews, also when making potato dumplings. If you love product, put it on a salad of boiled potatoes.

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If you buy fresh potatoes, be sure to put rosemary and a little garlic, roast them in a pan with beer or water and enjoy the wonderful flavor afterwards. Black pepper can be put in a potato soup or stew. In one case they are ground, do not overdo the amount - add very little, only for taste.

If you want to brew roasted potatoes with herbs, add red pepper, savory, a little oregano and salt. Stir all this, add a little more oil and just wait for it to stew.

In case you are fond of caraway, which, you know, has a very strong flavor, you can add it to potatoes, if you have prepared them with chicken. Do not put a large quantity or the dishes will be bitter. Cumin is an optional additive to a stew.

Many housewives put mint, especially if the potatoes are cooked with lamb - the taste is special, but the meat and spice combine well and you will probably like it. And because basically these are the spices you need in your kitchen when you cook potatoes, do not fail to mention the savory.

Recently, it is much neglected by the emergence of other aromas, yet savory remains on top of the green herbs. Add it to potato dumplings and stews.