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Do we put on weight from meat?

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Grilled steak with potatoes

People who eat mostly meat, are at risk of getting fat more than those who use less meat.

Consumption of more than 250 grams of meat per day can cause a gain of more than two kilograms every five years.

There are many different opinions regarding whether you gain weight with meat or not. Actually, it is not the meat that’s fattening, the heavy trimmings and fatty sauces with which it is served are.

There is a special meat diet that is easy to follow - three times a day, consume 200 grams of meat, without sauce and garnish. You can even consume pork. This diet does not create the feeling of hunger, fatigue and irritability.

The meat is digested longer, leaving a feeling of satiety. In the diet, not only lean meat is recommended, but fatty meat, without added salt. Consume only pure meat, without seasoning.


When eating more lean meat, you should drink at least two liters of water a day. Protein from meat strains your kidneys, and the water helps them to cope with this load. Do not deprive your body of water.

Chicken breast and skinless turkey breasts contain about 100 calories and they lack fat. From this meat, you can not gain weight as long as you do not overdo it, and avoid heavy sauces.

It is not a good idea to give up meat altogether, because our bodies function better with animal protein. But if you decide to become a certified vegan, you must provide the protein your body by eating plenty of beans.

If you overdo it with the meat, it is enough to reduce its consumption of 250 g per day, which will reduce your excess weight in two to three months.

Do not add meat to potatoes, pasta, cream, sauces with flour and limit meat consumption in combination with alcohol.