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The food of Love

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Passionate sex is not just about Barry White’s music, but also about knowledge of the human body. To make your sexual life different and interesting, experiment in the kitchen.



Have you ever wonder why the first month after marriage is called the "honeymoon"? In ancient Persia, newlyweds drank honey every day after their wedding in 30 days to start a fruitful marriage.

Folk wisdom says that if you have had a lot of wine or champagne, a tablespoon of honey before you indulge your loved one will help regain your power. In addition, honey provides the body with all the necessary energy.

aloe vera

Aloe vera

Usually, aloe vera is used in the treatment of wounds or bruises. But aloe vera also stimulates appetite. The stomach and sex are culturally affiliated. The juice of aloe vera not only helps digestion, but stimulates hormones and increases libido. One cup of aloe vera juice will serve as an aphrodisiac.


vanilla cake

The scent of vanilla, offers a feeling of warmth and comfort. The signals that the brain receives from the smell of vanilla, remind people of the carelessness of their first year of life. Vanilla is not exciting, but it can make your chosen one kind and accommodating. If you prepare a dessert with vanilla flavor, they will be at your feet.



Shrimps are a known aphrodisiac, whose power was known by the ancient Romans. Moreover, they have a lot of iron and zinc, which is important for a healthy sex life.

Pine nuts

The Himalayan people are crazy about pine nuts. Locals say that they increase the fruitfulness of women. These small nuts contain many proteins that are responsible for the level of hormones in the body.

dark chocolate


The Aztecs called it "food of the gods". Chocolate contains substances that stimulate the brain to produce more serotonin. This is the hormone that is responsible for feelings of relaxation and pleasure. Chocolate that is high in cocoa is effective, so choose a dark bitter chocolate.