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The most dangerous preservatives in food

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Eating healthy is one of the most discussed topics - what to eat, what to remove completely from your diet and why. Diets increasingly assertively flood people's minds and often food and the topic of food products reaches obsession. On the one hand, it is great to have a culture of eating, which is not limited to our behavior at the table.

Food culture includes what you eat, what to look for on food labels, what is good for our body. On the other hand, a healthy diet makes us very vigilant to what we buy and what we put on the table - if not done to the extreme, this can only bring advantages. More and more people are starting to look for organic foods, read the labels of the products they buy and ask themselves what is E209 or E216.

We will look at what all these E's in the food, or at least that part of the preservatives, which you should avoid. What do we eat and how it may hurt us in some way and which are actually the most dangerous preservatives in food are questions that anyone might ask. All kinds of preservatives, colorings, additives, etc. in the diet can be harmful, although manufacturers often try to convince us that they just are not harmful, but on the contrary - they are beneficial.

Preservatives are indicated on the label with an E and a number after them. In fact, consider only the preservatives that say they are E 200 and E 290. And since there are many types of preservatives, consider those who are actually dangerous and pose a risk to our health:

Carcinogenic preservatives are as follows - from E 210 to E 217 (contained mostly in juices, cordials and soft drinks, as well as pates with spicy taste), and E 240 to E 249;


E 230 to E 233 - these are preservatives that can irritate your skin and cause skin problems, used primarily for agricultural purposes. These same additives (plus E 239) can also cause a reaction. E233 also leads to obesity.

If you are hypertensive, you should be careful with foods that contain preservatives, E 250, E 252 and E 254. We most often meet 250 in sausages - this additive is carcinogenic and products containing this preservative are banned in some countries.

In Australia, the vast majority of these preservatives are prohibited. To be a little more clear - preservatives that are not known to have caused any consequences - E 201 to E 203, and E 234 (contained in tomato paste, and in beer ), E 260 (used for pickles ), E 262.

Those which are better to avoid - from E 210 to E 217, E 220, E 226, E 227, E 236 from F to 239, E 250, E 252.