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Benefits of Chives

Viktoria NeikovaViktoria Neikova
Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova

The benefits of eating vegetables have been known since ancient times. Fresh vegetables have a beneficial effect on the human body because they are natural sources of valuable nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, fiber and many others.

Onion is considered one of the most useful vegetables, which, in addition to valuable nutritional qualities, also has taste properties that rank it among the most used products in the culinary world.

Chives are a less common type of onion, but they are a spice worth adding to your dishes. This vegetable has irreplaceable health benefits, and its taste gives a finishing touch to any dish. Here are the main benefits of chives:

Anti-cancer actions

As a result of studies, it was discovered that there is allicin in chives, which has been proven to protect the body from the development of certain types of cancer.

Strengthens bones

In the composition of chives there is a solid amount of vitamin K, which takes care of the strength and strengthening of bones, while helping to generate bone substance.

Combating microorganisms

Chives have a sulfur content that proves to be a useful helper in the fight against microbes and fungal microorganisms, while at the same time having a beneficial effect on epithelial cells.

Benefits for the nervous system

Thanks to the choline in its composition, chives have been proven to help treat some problems with the nervous system.

Benefits of Chives

Take care of eye health

The composition of chives contains the compounds zeaxanthin and lutein, which have been proven to take care of good vision. These are antioxidants that slow down the aging of tissues in the eye and optic nerve.

The benefits of vitamin B

Chives have a rich content of B vitamins, which have a beneficial effect during pregnancy, depression, have a preventive effect against cancer and relieve inflammation of the nervous system.

Benefits for the circulatory system

Chives are composed of many organic compounds. They have an effective effect and support the normal functions of the nervous system.

Antiseptic and diuretic properties

The thin green leaves of chives possess powerful antiseptic, diuretic and stimulating properties.

Cures colds and flu

The vegetable has a rich content of a number of valuable vitamins, which attribute to it medicinal properties. Chives effectively deal with colds, bronchitis, cough and other similar conditions.

Fighting infections

According to a number of scientific studies, chives successfully fight infections, helping to treat trophic ulcers, trichomoniasis, erosion of the cervix and other similar infections.