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Muscovado Brown Sugar - Benefits and Uses

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Muscovado Brown Sugar

There is no doubt that white sugar is harmful to health, because the raw material is subjected to bleaching, which uses harmful substances that enter the body when using white crystal sugar.

However, there is a solution for lovers of the sweet taste. It is brown sugar that is natural, not bleached and not stripped of it the molasses in the sugar cane.

Brown sugar comes in several types and all contain nutrients, minerals and vitamins that increase the efficiency of body functions, improve health and metabolism in the body. Any type of brown sugar causes much less tooth decay than refined white sugar.

One of the types brown sugar is Muscovado - a product still produced today in the islands of Barbados, Mauritius and off the African and Indian coasts, which can be said to be practically unrefined cane sugar from which the molasses has not been removed. If it has less molasses, it is lighter, and when there is more molasses, the version is slightly darker.

The Muscovido type is quite different from the refined product we are used to. It is moist, slightly sticky to the touch and looks like wet sand. Since the beneficial substances in its composition have not been removed, it is a much healthier version of the sweet taste that we achieve with white sugar.

Sweetness is what is immediately felt when tasted. However, it also has a fruity-caramel flavor, which makes it very interesting as a taste sensation. The bitter aftertaste that lingers makes it a tastefully complex, sweet acquisition on the market.

More valuable, however, are the healthy benefits of Muscovado sugar. What are they? Potassium content in it is about 20 times more than in sugar beet, iron is 10 times more, it also contains magnesium, which we cannot find in refined sugar. We can also point to the wealth of B vitamins, phosphorus and others.

These useful nutrients improve health and do not affect the body's natural metabolic processes.

This sugar is low in calories, making it a healthy sweetening agent that won't cause cavity boom.

Coffee with Brown Sugar

Culinary Applications of Muscovado Brown Sugar

When this sugar is used in the preparation of food, the taste is distinguished by delicacy, refinement, with a warm taste of caramel, which is valued in gastronomy. Due to its particular pleasant taste, Muscovado sugar is used as a sweetener for drinks and sauces. Rum with this sugar acquires its unique distinctive taste. They also put it in barbecue sauce and other spicy dishes.

The dough made with Muscovado is particularly aromatic and tasty. The fine taste sensation in the famous gingerbread and various pastries is due to it. Chocolate and types of coffee drinks are very interesting when paired with this sugar, and it has a wonderful durability that makes it a good choice for culinary use.