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The Amazing Benefits of Black Cumin Oil

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The Amazing Benefits of Black Cumin Oil!

Unfortunately, alternative therapies are often not recognized by modern medicine. The process of scientific recognition of the effectiveness of medicinal herbs by doctors is advancing by leaps and bounds. It is not worth explaining why this happens. It is much easier to release a super new drug without talking about more delicate and no less effective methods of treating the body.

Recent studies show that black cumin has the ability to inhibit cancer cells. Thymoquinone seed oil and extract is powerful in fighting liver cancer, melanoma, lymphoma, cervical, pancreatic, breast, stomach, prostate, colon and brain cancer.

Black cumin oil has been used for centuries to treat cancer

According to two studies from China and Saudi Arabia, the oil has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat cancer. In addition, there is evidence that this product can help with diabetes, cardiovascular problems and kidney disease.

Research shows that thymoquinone has antioxidant properties and boosts immunity. One thing is clear: black cumin oil induces apoptosis in cancer cells and does not affect immunity. But unfortunately, modern medicine recognizes that recently.

Black seed oil is useful in radiotherapy

Indian scientists have found that many patients experience serious side effects during and after radiation. The first studies, of course, were conducted on laboratory mice. There was one group of normal, healthy mice and another group of mice with tumors.

Black cumin extract (100 mg per kg body weight) was given to the mice before exposure to radiation. The cumin was able to protect the spleen, liver, brain and intestine of the mice from the harmful radiation effects on both groups. This way, scientists have confirmed the protective effect of black cumin on exposure to radiation in cancer patients.

Black cumin oil kills lung cancer cells

Black Cumin

According to scientists from Saudi Arabia, the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of black cumin have been known for a long time. They have proven the anti-cancer activity of black cumin oil in laboratory conditions.

In the laboratory, cancer cells were exposed to 0.01 ml of oil and 1 ml of extract, after which cell viability was assessed. As a result of the action of the extract and the oil, the number of living cancer cells decreases and their cell morphology changes. Furthermore, the rate of cell death increased with higher concentration of oil or extract. The cells decrease in size and lose their normal appearance.

Components of black cumin kill brain cancer cells

Ohio State University researchers conclude that there is a need for additional therapy to treat glioblastoma (the most aggressive malignant brain tumor).

The research focused on thymoquinone in black cumin because the natural phytochemical has strong anti-tumor properties.

They found that thymoquinone has selective cytotoxic properties on human cells. It kills cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.

It has also been shown to selectively inhibit brain and spinal cord cancer cells without interfering with the activity of healthy cells in the brain and spinal cord.

The extract showed the ability to inhibit autophagy genes in cancer cells. Autophagy actually promotes further growth of cancer cells, aiding in cellular energy production.

If this process is stopped, energy production suffers, leading to tumor regression and prolonged survival of affected organs. This actually shows that thymoquinone is a new cancer treatment strategy in the 21st century.