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How to Add More Iron Into Our Children`s Diets

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How to Add More Iron Into Our Childrens Diets

As adults and sufficiently informed parents, we know how important iron is not only for our bodies, but also for our children's bodies. We know that, for a number of reasons, it is in the springtime that its deficiency is established, and we also know that it would be difficult for us to explain to our children that iron is vital for their health.

In the following advice, our aim will be not only to show you which foods are the richest in iron, but also how to offer them to your children in a way that makes them taste good and challenge their interest.

Because it turns out that some products that are our favorites and we perceive as a real delicacy, the little ones don't like them at all. For the sake of their health, we sometimes have to apply tricks to children and tactics in our desire to feed them healthily.

Here are the foods that contain the most iron and how to offer them to children.

Vegetables with iron

How to Add More Iron Into Our Children`s Diets

We're putting all the typical spring greens like spinach, dock, sorrel, etc. under a common denominator, because they are an extremely good source of iron. This also applies to broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus. The bad thing is that most children don't want them and as we well know, things can't be forced. You would rarely be successful even if you played the children's movie about Popeye the Sailor, who gains incredible strength and muscle by eating spinach.

It would be more effective to try to "push" the greens in the form of the cream soup, to which you have added age-appropriate seasonings, so that the spring soup doesn't look quite green in color. For example paprika.

You can also make potato patties in which you have added spinach, dock or whatever greens you have available. Let's not forget that there are even spinach pastries, which are also prepared with other green leafy vegetables and which the little ones really enjoy.

Meats rich in iron

The richest in iron are all the offals, led by the liver, but most pediatricians advise that they should not be consumed by young children. It is only permissible if they are offered in the form of baby purees prepared according to established standards.

However, nothing prevents you from offering your child veal or any kind of poultry, which are also a good source of iron. You may encounter a problem mainly with the veal, because it will be more difficult for children to chew, which can also become an annoying activity for them. Puréeing it and serving it as a cream soup would save you again.

Fruit with iron

Iron in the diet of children

In terms of fruit, there is not much to advise you, because children adore them. The most iron-rich fruit are citrus fruit, kiwi, dried strawberries, watermelon, melon and mango. Consider that there are many children who are allergic to citrus fruit as well as strawberries and kiwi.

Fish and seafood as a source of iron

They not only provide a huge amount of iron, but are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. However, the problem with them is similar to the one with greens. Yes, they are not green in color, but they have a specific smell and taste, and you will rarely come across children who like them. As much as breading is not a particularly recommended method of offering baby food, it is the most likely way that your little ones will eat any piece of fish.

Eggs and dairy products for more iron

Sandwiches for children

There is most iron in the egg yolks, but for unknown reasons, children prefer to eat only the white. If we have to resort to tricks again, we would advise you to mash the yolk of the already boiled egg with a fork and mix it with white cheese. Spread this mixture on a slice of whole wheat bread (cereals also contain a lot of iron) and offer it to your child. Why not even boil quail eggs and string them on toothpicks along with cherry tomatoes.

Anything that looks intriguing to a child is supposed to taste good too!

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