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Benefits of Bay Leaf Decoction

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Dried bay leaf

Bay leaf is a well-known spice, but it also has healing properties if taken in the form of a decoction. In the culinary world it is widely used for pork and beef, it is also suitable for lean dishes such as lentils.

It has a very specific and strong smell, so when you put it in a dish, it is enough to add just one leaf to add flavor it. As most of you already know, when you add it, it's a good idea to break it down, so that it releases more flavor.

But since a lot has already been said about the culinary possibilities of bay leaf, let's pay attention to its healing properties. Not many known, that bay leaf can help with type 2 diabetes, bronchitis, flu and runny nose.

Bay leaf

No less effective is its decoction if used for digestive problems, fungus, rheumatic pain, it also helps with depression and excessive vague fatigue. It also works very well for the skin.

In order to help ourselves with a bay leaf decoction, we need to find the right leaves. Of course, you can use those, that are sold for cooking.

What is good to know about bay leaves, when it comes to healing properties is that they should not be shiny or pale green. The best choice is for them to be matte.

If you're using fresh leaves directly from the plant, you need to dry them before using them.

Here's how to dry a bay leaf:

Place the leaves on paper in a room that is not exposed to sunlight. The leaves will be ready in about 10 days, but it is important that the temperature in the room does not exceed 21 degrees. Once they are dry, you can prepare the decoction. To lower blood pressure and to normalize sugar, to purify the body, you need to boil two leaves in 400 ml of water for 5 minutes.

Bay leaf tea

Then remove them from the heat, but leave the leaves in the water until it turns pink in color. Drink it 4 times a day, about half a cup at each time. Bay leaf tea will also help with an unpleasant dry cough.

Joint pain is common and terribly painful. Here's a way to alleviate the discomfort with bay leaves:

Healing bath with bay leaf for joint pain

Boil in 1 liter of water 20-30 bay leaves. After boiling, keep it on the stove for 5 minutes. Then pour this decoction into a tub, dilute it further with water to make it tolerable and lie down in it. Do not sit in it more than 15-20 minutes. Do it several times to feel the effect. Usually after the fifth time in a bay leaf bath, the pain slowly subsides.