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The Best Fish Garnishes

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Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Fish and potatoes

Fish, which is prepared in different ways, almost always requires a garnish. Here is a list of ideas for the best and most delicious fish garnishes.

The most common side dish, especially in the summer heat are french fries. If you want to diversify them, add boiled green beans or peas, stewed rice and fresh tomatoes. Other garnishes, including french fries, are:

- French fries, stewed mushrooms, peas with butter and pickles;

- French fries, tomato chutney, green salad;

- French fries, stewed rice, green salad, spinach puree;

- French fries, pickles, beans with tomato puree and olives;

- French fries, breaded celery, sauerkraut with paprika and vegetable oil;

- French fries, mushrooms in vinegar, stewed rice;

Other suitable side dishes for fish, which are extremely light and tasty, are boiled cauliflower, boiled green beans, sauteed potatoes with fresh or pickled cucumbers. The combination of stewed rice, fresh cabbage with carrots and kyopoolu has a similar lightness. Here are some more ideas for side dishes that you can take advantage of:

- sauteed mushrooms, sauteed carrots, stewed peas;

- boiled potatoes, stewed cabbage, fresh tomatoes;

- fried leeks, stewed sauerkraut, beetroot paste and horseradish;

- stewed carrots, boiled peas, mashed potatoes, roasted peppers;

- beans, tomato chutney, turnips with carrots;

- mixed stewed vegetables, stewed peas, pickles;

- red beets, sauteed potatoes, cauliflower with butter;

- breaded cauliflower, pickled eggplant, onions in vinegar;

- roasted peppers, fresh tomatoes, onions and parsley, cucumber;

- parsnip puree, boiled cabbage, potatoes with butter, fresh tomatoes;

- lentil puree, roasted peppers, marinated mushrooms.

Fish with lime and vegetables

When preparing fish and choosing the side dish, it is good to take into account the season and the opportunities offered in the shops.

Another factor, when choosing a side dish, is what the fish is and especially how it is prepared. In the end, choose the one, that will appeal to you and the others who will consume the dish.