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What Dishes Can Ginger be Added to?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
What Dishes Can Ginger be Added to?

Ginger is an exceptional root whose health properties are innumerable. It is widely used in Asian cuisine, but is already beginning to gain its rightful place in the European cuisine as well. Fresh ginger has a spicy taste. In Thai cuisine it is used to flavor curry, in combination with coconut milk. In many places in Asia, tea is made from ginger slices.

Ginger is used to make pastes with hot peppers, which are used to spread the meat before baking it in the oven or grill. It can be fried and included in sauces, served with various meat dishes. In some countries it is fried along with garlic and onion, because this way the spicy taste is softened and its aroma is developed.

In Chinese cuisine, ginger is fried or boiled. Dishes that require longer cooking, such as soups, can be flavored with large slices of ginger. However, when frying quickly, it is best to cut the root into small pieces or grate it. It is great for flavoring dishes with carrots, pumpkin, rice and chicken. Marinated ginger must be served with each portion of sushi.

Ginger can be candied. Ginger beer is very popular in the United States and England. Ginger is used to flavor compotes and for canning pickles and pumpkin. Ginger sweets and candies can be prepared from it. If you can't find fresh ginger, you can use dry ginger, but keep in mind that its taste is not as intense and is not a complete substitute for fresh ginger.



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