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How to Clean Tripe?

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How to Clean Tripe?

Cleaning the tripe is an unpleasant and tedious job, but the dishes with it afterwards are uniquely delicious. So if you have a fresh tripe, try to overcome your disgust and try to clean it perfectly so you can enjoy its taste later.

Needless to say, its "scent" is awful, but you'll have to put up with it for culinary purposes.

There are several ways to clean tripe:

1. With slaked lime

Grab two handfuls of slaked lime and rub the tripe nicely with it. Leave it for about 10 minutes, then start rubbing it, as if washing a clothing. Rub and rinse it with water and in that time use a knife to help in the process. Move it in the opposite direction to the hairs. The tripe must turn pure white in order to be edible. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water;

2. With soda and vinegar

If you don't have slaked lime, you can use baking soda and vinegar to clean tripe. Rub the tripe very well with baking soda and dip in pot or other suitable container filled with vinegar. Leave it for about an hour, then scrape the tripe with the knife in the opposite direction of the hairs. Do not skip the method of "washing it like a clothing" and you need to rub it and rinse it as long as it is necessary (until it turns white).

3. With hot water

Boil some water on the stove and immerse the tripe for 20-30 seconds. Then scrape it well with a knife and place it back into the boiling pot for half a minute. Repeat the procedure until the tripe turns white.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the offal, you can prepare a traditional tripe soup or delicacies such as tripe in butter, stuffed tripe and other tasty dishes with tripe.



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