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In What Time Do Porcini Mushrooms Grow?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
In What Time Do Porcini Mushrooms Grow?

Porcini mushrooms are quite tasty and healthy mushrooms. Their growing season begins in the month of June. You can pick fresh mushrooms between May/June and November if the weather is nice. Porcini mushrooms will be plentiful if the spring is moist.

Porcini mushrooms grow from 3 to 6 days, and some species between 8 and 12 and even more time. In the first days of their growth, porcini mushrooms grow between 4 and 5 cm per day, with very little weight gain.

In most cases, however, the increase in mushroom height is small and is between 1-1.5 cm per day.

The growth of the porcini mushrooms in height stops 1-2 days earlier than that of the cap. How fast the fruiting bodies will grow sometimes depends on the insects. They slow down that growth. Porcini mushroom's fruiting bodies grow faster when the weather is warm and rainy. In autumn, the growth of porcini mushrooms can last for a month.

How fast porcini mushrooms will grow depends on:

- what is the area where the mushroom grows;

- what is the humidity and temperature of the air and soil;

- what is the diversity of edible mushrooms in this area;

Mushrooms fully ripen a week after sprouting.

Also check out some delicious ideas for:

- risotto with porcini mushrooms;

- porcini mushroom soup;

- porcini mushroom pasta.



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