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How to Make a Cheesecake Base?

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How to Make a Cheesecake Base?

If you want to make a cheesecake, but you don't know how to make the base layer for it - then this advice is for you.

How to make the perfect cheesecake base

- Surely you know that making a cheesecake requires biscuits and butter. If you have a cake tin that is 20-22cm wide, you will need about 240 g of biscuits and about 125 g of soft butter;

- It is recommended to use tea biscuits, because they are very easy to grind or crush. If you can't find tea biscuits, you can use regular ones, they will work just as well;

- The other important ingredient that you need to use to get the perfect result is butter. The butter you use should be warm, even hot, not only soft;

- There are several processes for making the cheesecake base. First, as we have said, the biscuits you are going to use must be grinded or crushed very finely;

- Then, you have to add the butter and very carefully mix it with the biscuits. The amount of butter is relative, because it depends on how much butter the biscuits will absorb;

- When you put as much butter as you need, you get a homogeneous cheesecake base, which you can very easily spread in the mold you are going to use. If the butter is less than it should be, the base will crumble. On the other hand, if you put more butter than necessary, it will generally make the base easy to work with, but then it will cause you problems;

- When there's less butter in the base than it needs, as we said, it becomes crumbly, but also when you try to cut it, you're going to have trouble, because you won't be able to cut nice pieces. If you add too much butter, it helps the base to acquire an ideal shape, but subsequently it does not allow the biscuits to be soaked with the cream and this will lead to a very unpleasant hardness of the base;

- If you're lucky and you put the right amount of butter, you'll have a perfect cheesecake base that you can cut into perfect pieces and have homemade cheesecake, which melts in your mouth.

Use our advices when preparing your favorite:

- pumpkin cheesecake;

- blueberry cheesecake;

- chocolate cheesecake.



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