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What is Cuajada and How is it Used?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova

Cuajada is a type of milk curd, which is generally made from sheep's milk, but in industrial production, cow's milk is used to make it.

This type of curd is very popular in the northern regions of Spain lato Asturias, the Basque country, Navarre, Aragon, Castile and León. In Latin America, this type of cottage cheese is popular in Colombia and Central American countries such as El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

How to make Cuajada

The raw milk is warmed and then mixed with rennet or plant extracts and left to stand or more precisely to curdle. Most often, this curd is made in wooden vessels, which are called "kaiku". These vessels are heated until they red hot, by giving the curd a slightly smoky flavor.

The word "cuajada" itself means "cured" in Spanish.

This curd is most often served as dessert with honey and walnuts or with sugar. In rarer cases, it is served as a breakfast with fruit or honey.

In Colombia, they serve this curd with mellado, which is a very thick panela syrup.

In Nicaragua, they salt this curd and use it in various dairy dishes.

Cuajada is, in addition to a type of curd, also a type of fresh cheese that is made from milk curd.

It is very easy to prepare and the finished cheese can be served as a side dish to another dessert or on its own with nuts, sugar or honey.

Because of the taste and texture of this cheese, it can also be used as a substitute for yogurt or as a humectant and thickening agent in baked goods.

With cuajada you can prepare all your favorite recipes for:

- American pancakes;

- homemade doughnuts;

- cheesecake with cottage cheese;

- cottage cheese pastries.



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