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How to Plant and Grow an Avocado

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How to Plant and Grow an Avocado

Recently, more and more people have a desire to grow fruit and vegetables that are not typical for our latitudes. If you are one of them and you have decided to grow avocados at home, but you don't know how - then in this advice you will find out.

If you want to grow avocados in your home, you need a stone that is relatively large. The avocado stone is the seed from which the tree will grow.

The process of planting and growing the avocado is quite interesting, because it grows very quickly.

In addition to the stone, you will also need a place where it is warm and has plenty of sunlight to put the pot with the already sprouted tree, because if you grow it at a temperature below 10°C, it will die.

There are two ways to grow avocados at home. One is to stimulate the seed in advance, so that it can sprout a root and germinate more quickly, or simply plant it in a pot with suitable soil.

For both options you need a well-ripened and soft avocado, it is best if there are dark spots on the skin. When removing the stone from the avocado, it should be done very carefully without damaging it. Then wash it very well.

First way to plant avocado

If you choose the first way to grow an avocado, the stone must be soaked in water. This will allow you to monitor the process. You need to stick three toothpicks into the stone, but the depth should not be more than 5 millimeters. The goal is to get a star shape. You can put the stone in a glass or another container filled with water, so that its lower part, which is thicker, should be immersed in the water. We recommend changing the water every week. After the stone has germinated and leaves appear, you can plant it in the soil, but half of the stone must remain uncovered from the soil;

Second way to plant avocados

The other way is to plant the avocado stone directly in a pot. The soil in the pot should be loose. You also need good drainage, because avocados don't tolerate remaining water in the soil. The stone should be planted halfway, with the thicker part in the soil and the other part visible. The soil should be constantly moist, but not too much, otherwise the avocado will not develop and will die.

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