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How to Cut Mushrooms Correctly

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How to Cut Mushrooms Correctly

There is no specific way to cut mushrooms. How you cut them depends entirely on how you're going to cook them. If you are going to prepare mushroom soups, mushroom salads, mushroom sauces or breakfasts - mushrooms should be cut into cubes.

- For mushroom dishes that require long heat treatment, mushrooms are cut into larger pieces so they don't become mushy;

- In order for your mushroom dish to be successfully prepared, it is important to cut them correctly. Mushrooms should be cut with a medium-sized knife that is well sharpened.

1. Cubes. Cutting mushrooms into cubes is not difficult at all, as long as you know the principle of cutting. The first thing to do is separate the cap from the stump. Each part of the mushroom is then cut to the size you want. When making pate with mushrooms, sauces and dishes with other vegetables that include mushrooms, dicing is recommended;

2. Strips. Before you cut the mushrooms into strips, as with the cubes, you need to separate the cap and the stem. The mushrooms are then cut lengthwise and then cut into strips. This method of cutting mushrooms is suitable for mushroom salads;

3. Slices. To cut the mushrooms into even slices, you must first cut them in half into 2 equal parts. They are then sliced ​​and you can use your fingers to mark the thickness of the slice. The smoother you cut the mushrooms, the more even the slices will be. The cutting direction should be from top to bottom;

4. Thin slices. To cut the mushrooms into thin slices, the board you are cutting on must be stable. Cut the mushrooms into two equal halves. Then, with one hand, take one half and place your fingers on it so that the top of the knife rests on them. This will prevent you from getting cut. Then the mushrooms are cut lengthwise into slices;

How to remove the stump without damaging the integrity of the mushrooms?

If you are going to make stuffed mushrooms, it is important to remove the stem so that the mushrooms do not break. First, peel the mushrooms. Then, with the tip of a sharp knife, cut off the base of the stump that is inside the cap. To cut the stump as cleanly as possible, use a small, sharp knife.



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