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Why is the Refrigerator Making Noise?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Why is the Refrigerator Making Noise?

The refrigerator is a household appliance, that is present in every household. With its help we store our food and protect it from spoilage. In addition to maintaining the shelf life of food, the refrigerator manages to cool dishes that we prefer to eat cold, or drinks that are too hot.

The most common problem with having this appliance at home is the noise. Often, refrigerator sounds can be excessive, causing discomfort, irritation, or inability to sleep.

If this noise starts with the installation of the appliance, it may be due to the model, features and functions. It is therefore advisable to do research before such an investment. If the noise occurs suddenly, here are the most common causes of this phenomenon:

Wrong location. This is one of the main reasons the refrigerator to make noise. In this case, the sound resembles a rattle. This means that you have probably placed the appliance near furniture or a wall. It is also possible to simply have objects at too close a distance. Then vibrations occur in the refrigerator, which cause annoying noise.

Refrigeration unit. If your refrigerator has a refrigeration unit that is turned on, this is most likely making noise. In this case, the sound is lighter and more bearable.

Compressor. This is usually the noise element in the refrigerator. The compressor emits a loud sound when it creates a cold temperature. If you bought a refrigerator with two compressors, then the sound will be twice as loud.

Installation. Often the cause of refrigerator noise may be improper installation of the appliance. Therefore, make sure that you fasten the feet of the appliance firmly.

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