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How Much Water is Added to 1 kg of Flour?

Nadia Galinova
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How Much Water is Added to 1 kg of Flour?

When it comes to pastries, the list of possibilities is endless. Pitas, bread, sponge cakes, muffins, cookies, crackers, sweets - what do they have in common?

Prepared at home, they not only fill the home and the soul with an incredible aroma, but are not so difficult to make. Since we know that there is nothing tastier than homemade food, let's roll up our sleeves, gather the ingredients in the kitchen and prepare some.

The most common thing, that the pastries contain are flour and water and today we will talk about their quantities and ratio.

Amount of water to flour

For 2.2 lb (1 kg) of flour, 20 fl oz (600 ml) of water is most often used. Different types of flour absorb water differently, but one useful rule when it comes to white flour is to add 60% water. If you use wholemeal flour, then it would be good to put 650 ml (65%) of water.

For 1/2 kg of flour use 300 ml of water. Again, the water is 60%. For 1/2 kg of wholemeal flour, add about 330 ml.

High-protein flours absorb much more water and will require you to add more of it.

The amount may vary depending on the recipe and the product you want to make.

Sometimes there are recipes on the flour packaging, which are very helpful for their preparation, because they keep in mind the specific type of flour we have bought and give the most accurate amounts for the ingredients.

Of course, other ingredients such as salt, yeast or soda and sometimes fat, will be added to your pastries.

With the right proportions of water and flour, the prepared crackers, homemade savory cracker sticks or fluffy pogaca, will have the perfect consistency.



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