Which are the Most Vitamin Rich Soups?
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Which are the Most Vitamin Rich Soups?

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Soups are dishes prepared by boiling and can have a very diverse composition. They can be comprised of meats, vegetables, a mix of these, dairy products and even fruits. Further, they can be hot or cold, with a thickening agent or not, etc.

What's characteristic of all soups, however, is that they are usually served for lunch as the 1st course with the goal of preparing the digestive tract to take in food and to whet one's appetite.

They are widely used in diet plans and are highly suitable as a prophylactic for a number of diseases. But perhaps the most important thing is that if prepared properly, they are loaded with vitamins, making them a superb source of energy. Here are the 5 healthiest and vitamin rich soups according to experts:

1. Soup from leaf vegetables

Regardless of whether you'll be using nettle, spinach, dock or other leafy greens, the important thing is not to leave them to boil too long because that way they'll lose the majority of their healthy substances, including the vitamins. Always put carrots and onions to boil at least 20 min. before you put the leaf vegetables, which don't need more than 5-10 min. before they're ready.

Veggie soup

2. Fruit soups

Don't just choose fruits rich in vitamins but also ones that are in season. Otherwise, you risk the fruits not being as fresh and therefore not as vitamin rich.

3. Borscht

This traditional soup of Russia, the Ukraine and Moldova is made with lots of vegetables, transforming it into a genuine vitamin bomb. In most cases they add beetroots to it, which itself has valuable antioxidant properties.


4. Almost all Asian soups

In this case, we're talking about Asian soups made with sprouts and/or kelp; they are an inexhaustible source of energy and exceptionally healthy.

Asian soup

5. Almost all cold vegetable soups

Nearly all cold vegetable soups, including gazpacho, are chock full of vitamins due to the simple fact that the products are not heat treated.