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Healing Foods According to Peter Deunov

Kristina ChernikovaKristina Chernikova
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The subject of superfoods is being ever more widely discussed nowadays. Books and the Internet are overflowing with information regarding food products that have unbelievable healing properties.

This issue is also one that the Bulgarian spiritual teacher Peter Deunov had advice on. The founder of the religious-philosophical movement pointed to several main foods, the consumption of which has a beneficial effect for various unpleasant health conditions. And here's the list:

1. Cherries - they enable good blood circulation and also charge a person with pleasant emotions.

2. Peas - the little green seeds are the ideal food for people complaining of an uneven tan.


3. Sugar beets - extremely healthy. It helps with eye problems.

4. Figs - these juicy and delicious fruits have a general strengthening effect and are good for the entire body.

5. Apricots - if you're suffering from anemia or have liver problems, these need to be on your food plate regularly.

6. Eggplants - this vegetable does a whole lot for the emotional state of a person. Eggplants need to be eaten predominantly by people who are timid and insecure.

7. Peaches - these juicy and sweet fruits are recommended for stomach problems.

8. Rice - rice is among the foods of highly spiritual individuals and there's a reason for it. It allows for easier concentration. It's also useful for meditation.

9. Walnuts - they aid in intense mental endeavors at work and at school.

10. Tomatoes - they are among the vegetables that have a beneficial effect on the blood.


11. Parsley - another plant that should be taken for stomach problems.

12. Lemons - this citrus fruit charges the body with energy and freshness. It's recommended for people who are feeling a lack of tone and frequent fatigue.

13. Pumpkin - it's delicious but also healthy. It's remarkably good for stressful situations since it tends to have a calming effect.

14. Nettle - this plant is your hair's best friend. Regular consumption of it helps your hair retain its beautiful appearance and protects it from turning grey.

15. Watermelon - this culture is also among the refreshing fruits that can charge you with energy. In addition, eating watermelon is recommended if suffering from unpleasant feelings such as nostalgia.

16. Apples - these fruits have a positive effect on the immune system, plus they keep the body looking beautiful.