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The French Owe Their Longevity to Roquefort

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The French are famous for being among the most long-lived. Today there are around 15 000 persons over the age of 100 living in France. Scientists have long been trying to find the reason for this fascinating phenomenon.

Some bet on the typical love for life the French possess, others on characteristic French cuisine, yet still others on the red wine. Some even believed that the French are European champions of longevity since they retire unusually early. But the answer turned out to be something else entirely.

It became evident that the culprit for French long life is their favorite delicacy - Roquefort cheese. They call it the "king of all cheeses" - a very accurate description of the delicacy that extends life.

In general, all cheeses with mold, similar to Roquefort, fall into the group of foods with this miraculous trait. Biochemical studies have shown that the mold found in these dairy products has a potent anti-inflammatory action.

Roquefort cheese is first among them. It is most active in an acidic environment, such as the mucous membrane of the stomach and the surface of the skin.

Old People

The oxidation processes that cheeses with mold stop are accompanying symptoms, such as artery deposits and bone arthritis.

As such, consuming them turns into a kind of prevention against cardiovascular diseases. Protecting the surface of the skin, they can also be turned into a main ingredient of the best anti-aging creams.

The study also answers another frequently asked question. Until recently, scientists were puzzled at how the very same nation that consumes some of the greatest quantities of fatty foods, proven to be harmful to the body, is the most long-lived.

Saturated fats are some of the unhealthiest. It turns out that the consumption of Roquefort cheese helps break them down faster. That way, they do not accumulate in the body and cannot lead to life-threatening illnesses and obesity.