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Bad Moods Make us Stuff Ourselves with Unhealthy Food

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According to the results of a recent American study, whenever people are in a bad mood, they are more likely to reach for unhealthy foods. The scientists explained that happy and positively minded people, in contrast to sad ones, preferred to eat healthy food.

As experts report, a positive attitude helps us - it gives us an opportunity to look toward our future more seriously and contemplate it. Our health and what we eat are some of the first things, which pop into our consciousness.

According to Associate Professor Merrill Gardner, who headed the study, the perspective of time is that which gives people the opportunity to make better choices in life.

Gardner, who works at the University of Delaware, also claims that when people are in a bad mood, they pay more attention to things which are physically near them.

In an outburst of fury, a person easily reaches for fried foods, various sweets or fast food. Even those people who have certain principles about food can forget about them in an outburst of negative emotions.

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The reasons why people most often wreck their bodies and begin eating unhealthy food, are disappointment in love, loss of loved ones, problems at work or among friends.

At such times, a person reaches for that which is closest to them and may bring simple satisfaction, even if only for a short time.

The problem with moods and their changes is more significant in women. A woman in her desire to compose herself, is capable of turning her back on the long days of restraint from a certain food and eating a sweet pastry, for example.

The associate professor advises us not to attack the fridge and reach for all kinds of harmful foods when we are in a bad mood. According to Gardner, it is better to turn on relaxing music or occupy ourselves with something more pleasant that will help us resolve our issues.

The expert recommends us to look for advice from a friend or think about how to solve the problems, instead of stuffing ourselves with unhealthy food.